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Disease Management

Women are nurturers, care-givers, mothers, daughters, and grandmothers.

Their innate wisdom in what to eat, cook, and how to feed the soul are skills passed down from mother to daughter throughout cultures, and generations.

Women's health is becoming increasingly important as we learn about assessment early on to help prevent reproductive cancers. The hormone testing we provide at Holistic Vision International allows you to see the imbalance between estrogen and progesterone levels, helping pinpoint the source of your symptoms.

Young women can benefit from this early detection of hormonal imbalance, helping regulate PMS and other disorders throughout their lifetime. Foods to eat to help reduce bad estrogens found in the environment can be recommended by our nutritionist. Supplements to complement your comprehensive health program are prescribed. They are supplied through our dispensary of research-based superior products.

Women need support for their nutrient intake and absorption throughout the lifecycle. Learn what can best benefit your unique situation with a phone or email health consult. Receive a home visit from the nutritionist or your local advocate.

Recommend a visit to the nutritionist to a friend! There is no better way to communicate your support of someone with a chronic disease or illness than to recommend they see a qualified professional. Then be supportive of their need to apply holistic health to their lives. You will love the harmony that results...

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