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Mental Health Resources

The Holistic Vision International Department of Mental Health provides resources for physicians and patients, as well as providing our clients with one-on-one counsel and referral services either in person or over the phone. We serve as an educational resource for mental health professionals, a support for parents, and a lifeline for those suffering from a biochemical condition or mental illness. 

Every client looking for natural alternatives in psychiatric care, or with a naturopath as a primary care physician, can be referred to our services, and we provide brochures to any office, hospital, or individual per request. We believe these services are essential in protecting the human rights of holistic medicine clients around the globe.

To access resources in the field of mental health: Web Resources.

To read our list of recommended foods: visit The Rainbow Program

To visit the Holistic Mental Health department for Canada:

Holistic Vision Canada. 

For a mental health referral or program assistance in your area, or to request our HVC brochures for referrals: please phone Holistic Vision International at 604-300-1157.

Note: we do not provide psychiatric care, nor offer a psychiatrist to patients. We do not have in-patients. They must be already diagnosed, and/or have a psychiatrist to access our out-patient programs.

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