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Mental Health Program

Clients: submit your information here to register with our agency.

We offer a complimentary program to regular medical care to help each client gain independence and stability.

Every holistic client with a naturopath as a primary care physician can be referred to our services, and we provide brochures to you or information to your healthcare provider as per request.

We also accept international clients with a psychiatrist, mental health worker, psychologist, or counsellor.

Our potential clients are interested in our quality approach to healthcare with research-based nutrition supplements and counselling support.

Make an appointment today! Our holistic counselor will assist you to try a new approach to wellness that includes nutrition, exercise, and research-based supplements. A holistic program includes the healing of the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical person and prescribes a treatment based on the cause.

Mental Health Client Application








Do you have a psychiatrist

Are you currently on medication

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