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The role of Holistic Vision International has always been one of helping families and individuals find balance in healthcare. We promote the use of holistic teams, and as such hope to offer more than just one perspective on any health-related issue.

Director Emily Isaacson has strived to remain neutral on the issue of immunizations that affects many parents today. Even when asked for her counsel, she has reaffirmed that immunizations are a personal decision that you alone can make, and would refuse to influence her patients.

It is with this neutrality that she chose today to address the Canadian Medical Association's move to involve the school system in administrating student vaccination rates.

The following is her open letter, addressed to the president, also sent to the Provincial Minister of Health. See article in the Vancouver Sun and National Post.

Open Letter to the Canadian Medical Association from Holistic Vision International

August 27, 2015

Dear Cindy Forbes, MD, President,

Canadian Medical Association,

1867 Alta Vista Dr.

Ottawa Ont. K1G 5W8;

Holistic Vision International is an amnesty for holistic healthcare patients, and our goal is to bring international communication and advocacy to a global community, for the purpose of successful nutrition and natural medicine practices worldwide.

As a human rights organization that supports the global practices of natural medicine, we cannot support the recent motion of the Canadian Medical Association to employ the school system to reinforce only orthodox or Western medicine practices.

We believe that the right to choose natural medicine is a human right, defended by our amnesty.

The right to choose a naturopath as a primary care physician is a human right, along with its medicine, treatment, and lifestyle.

The Canadian Medical Association’s desire to force compliance with immunization by asking schools demand proof of immunization from students violates basic human rights in the following manner:

It doesn’t ask that parents be educated on making this choice, and respond in an educated way to the best of their awareness.

It doesn’t give parents a clear yes or no choice in the matter.

It assumes people are just hesitant to subject their child to routine vaccinations and can be convinced otherwise.

It assumes health authorities may pressure parents into immunizations or force children to stay at home regardless of illness status.

It assumes orthodox medicine may force compliance of individuals using the school system. As such, it promotes discrimination against those who choose natural medicine as a philosophy, holistic lifestyle practices, and naturopaths as primary care physicians.

It negates the idea that there is a trend among consumers toward a more holistic framework, holistic teams in healthcare, and the use of holistic medicine.

It encourages doctors to work against the judgement of other health care professionals who may have advised the consumer or patient in their best interest. There are sensitive children who do not wish to be exposed to these communicable diseases, and sensitive children who do not wish to be immunized. Both sides inflame the issue, making it an emotional one for many parents.

We ask that you would reconsider your approach to providing healthcare services, and the pressure you have put on doctors to force their patient to comply. Although your motives are in the interest of saving lives, we now know that even life saved must be in accordance with the patient’s desire to be well and achieve personal wellness. We understand that a person’s wellness is influenced by their family members, health care providers, counsellors, education and life experience.

As such, the Canadian Medical Association cannot use the school system in Canada to force orthodoxy. This approach is no longer permissible. We can only encourage wellness, we can only educate, but we must do so in a way that is inclusive of peoples from all medicine backgrounds. As such, cannot omit that our knowledge of conflict resolution and mediation come from an inclusive standpoint, inviting collaboration.

As a representative of HVI and the many people who trust that they have the liberty to make healthcare choices, I am asking that you invite all health care professionals into dialogue. I believe this is involved in helping people make important health choices for their future and that of their children.

Sincerely and in good faith,

Emily Isaacson, executive director

Holistic Vision International

P.O. Box 3366

Mission, B.C. Canada

V2V 4J5

Mailbox: 1.888.399.3210

Direct: 1.604.287.2252

Join as a member to benefit from HVI's stance on protecting the rights of holistic patients who chose to forgo immunizations on our affiliates page or sign a petition against Covid 19 vaccination.

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