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Holistic Health

Holistic Health is the measure of the body, mind, soul, and spirit. As they interconnect we see the influences of emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes on our health and eating behaviors.

Our mood can be affected by many factors as well. Sometimes we do not eat correctly and feel bad, or develop unpleasant symptoms. Illness can result from too many toxins, and not enough nutrients, fiber, water, rest and exercise. Eating disorders can arise when we avoid food altogether out of fear.

There are so many dimensions to what makes up our health that we might as well call ourselves multi-faceted gems. What we know is important. In spite of our resource availability, income, or education, how can we eat or act differently if we have not heard anything different.

We have a tendency to do what out parents did, eat our comfort foods, and stick to our routine. If the patterns we have lead to illness, it is time to find someone who can inspire us with the motivation to change. What motivates people is an important question.

We hope you find here at Holistic Vision the incentive to stay well, by learning new skills, cooking techniques, ways to balance fun and work, tools for success and a lifetime of learning healthy and aware eating.

When you know what makes you feel strong and have the skills to apply to your home and family, you will find a dimension to life that is both intuitive and action-oriented.

Take action, based on your new knowledge of your health and nutritional needs, early in life! You will benefit from the added energy, zest, and vitality you need to accomplish your goals.

Have a question? Ask our nutritionist.

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