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Disease Management

Addressing the course of a disease through the lifecycle is an important choice, an essential one if you suffer from a condition or disease.

Improving the nutritional status of an individual is an effort that can prevent side-effects from drugs, worsening of symptoms, and further deterioration. It is something your nutritionist can help you with, committing to helping you achieve your health & wellness goals, regardless of your disease.

Our advocates and nutritionist at Holistic Vision International are trained to help you find the balance you need between food, exercise, rest and medication. They will help you with making your own personalized food plan that you can follow without being on a "diet".

Do you know what supplements will best assist your condition, or is the health food store a guessing game that may be wasting your money? Receive a specific nutritional prescription from our expert, stream-line your supplement package today. Take only what you need to achieve optimal health.

Have your food intake assessed for quality and nutrient content. Do you know you can't absorb nutrients unless you eat them first? What about your fiber intake. We now know that fibers help the immune system regulate and function. Antioxidants are a great incentive to eat brightly colored foods, and reduce free-radicals, helping to prevent cancer.

Your nutritionist will consult with the current literature, studies and research on what is most beneficial for your disease or condition.

These are tools you can take with you through your lifetime. Check in with your nutritionist once a year, just like going to the dentist. Receive the quality of care and support your condition requires!

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