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Children's Health

Children's nutrition and health education begins very early as they taste and try new foods. Your child can learn to love healthy foods. In spite of their food jags, picky eating, and repetitive natures, you can select brightly colored fruits and vegetables that your child will love.

Read more about antioxidant-rich foods at The Rainbow Program. This food program of non-numerical nutrition helps you select foods by color. Also learn about teas, herbs, and essential oils for their health benefits.

Have a nutrition assessment for your child to see if they have any nutrient deficiency or requirement that is higher than normal. Make sure they are getting the quantity of nutrients they need, according to the Canada Food Guide.

Your holistic nutritionist can help your child learn about food while determining if they are at risk for an eating disorder, or food allergies/sensitivities. Your child may be avoiding certain foods they need, and perhaps we can teach you to help them receive a balanced diet with the appropriate support.​

Healthy foods, a balanced holistic outlook, and love of good nutrition are gifts your child will take with them for their lifetime.

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