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Cancer Program

The issue of holistic versus orthodox treatment for cancer is coming more and more into the forefront with recent articles in the National Post.

Not wanting to be ignorant as to the great number of patients who choose to undergo chemo at the advice of their physician, nor of the thousands of naturopaths trained at the best schools of natural medicine who could offer comparative care.

It remains that what Naturopaths choose to do for their patients in conjunction with standard medical treatment or in lieu of it is determined by their education, training, and convictions.

It is not ethical to force people, including aboriginal peoples or children, to undergo chemo or other conventional forms of cancer treatment.

t is not ethical to retaliate against parents who make medical decisions in their child`s best interest by threatening to take their children away.

As this has already occurred, and in some cases is being taken now to court, this needs to be addressed with a bill. We at HVI are in the process of petitioning the government to form a bill to protect the human rights of holistic patients. If you support this stance, and wish to sign your support, please do so on our Cancer Initiative page.

As an organization that relates to human rights of holistic patients, we would like to be of assistance by providing services, as an agency that sees the value in self-appropriated healthcare.

Holistic Vision Canada was founded in 2006 and offers the services that would meet the need of this growing population of health-conscious individuals who want to have a say in their medical care, and would benefit from a holistic team. This approach, pioneered by Holistic Vision, assigns each holistic patient an advocate. The advocate then helps form a holistic team from the person`s immediate healthcare providers, both conventional and holistic. This process enables conflict resolution by a collaborative effort to sincerely represent the client and also come to a conclusion as to what is the best care.

In the present situations, where people are being diagnosed with cancer, and wish to have a naturopath as their primary care physician, the naturopath then is the qualified and licensed health care practitioner who makes the diet and treatment recommendations. We usually take it for granted that the patient should be able to abide by these recommendations.

We fully support an integrative response so that the patient can be true to their convictions, obedient to their naturopath and still receive competent and excellent care with outstanding results. This is a new model of healthcare where physicians and naturopaths need to concur that the bridge of understanding between them to facilitate this conflict mediation will be nutrition and advocacy.

Director Emily Isaacson, RPA, CHN

Dept of Human Rights, HVI 

To become a HVI patient, be assigned an advocate and work with a holistic team in a holistic course of treatment, please fill out the following fields.

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