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About Us

We are an organization that is working worldwide to establish human rights in natural medicine. We create a holistic framework for all open nations, and we invite you to join Holistic Vision International in our mission.


To expand holistic vision into every country of the world, facilitating intercultural communication, mediation and interventions to people groups and individuals in need of organized and effective healthcare and natural medicine globally.

To provide access to nutrition education to all people groups and nations, regardless of income, education, or social class. Nutrition education promotes sound practices and principles designed to nourish the family. Good nutrition is the basis for healthy children.

To employ cultural mediation using restorative justice principles. To promote the use of ethical access to alternative care, that is offered through the balanced use of holistic teams. The use of conflict mediation and circle keeping integrated into medicine and mental health allow for a conscionable community. This is the community of the future!

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