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A Holistic Vision

Holistic Vision International

Our vision is to found a Holistic Vision as an independent and functioning clinic with a holistic team in every country of the world.

We desire to see holistic medicine advance as a competent and caring entity through our joined efforts.

We are inclusive of every people, language and tradition of the practice of natural medicine and want to see unification of these by establishing global efficacy and leadership in every country.

Any country that founds a Holistic Vision will be established under our parent organization for the purpose of support and quality of services. We establish both countries with a holistic infrastructure and clinics with the use of holistic teams for the stabilization of medicine practices worldwide.

Holistic teams should include, but are not limited to: a doctor, nurse, nutritionist or dietician, psychologist, chiropractor, physiotherapist, acupuncture practitioner, psychiatrist or counsellor, social worker, lab tech, naturopath.

If clinics can be inclusive in their scope of practice and offer these services in conjunction with one another, they will be more effective, and have a higher success rate at disease management.

If you are interested in joining Holistic Vision, please select from our memberships or go to our countries page.

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