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Holistic Vision International
We are an amnesty for holistic healthcare patients, and our goal is to bring international communication and advocacy to a global community, for the purpose of successful nutrition and natural medicine practices worldwide. 

Founded in 2007 we protect the interests and rights of minorities, aboriginals, children, naturopathic practitioners, health care workers and holistic or natural medicine patients. 

As an international organization we register individuals, practitioners, and organizations on our affiliates page.  This enables us to network with other organizations and individuals to bring about our community goals and programs, wellness forums, and pilot programs.

Our long-term goal is to establish a holistic infrastructure in all open nations, facilitating holistic advocacy and communication. To apply to have a Holistic Vision in your country, go to our countries page and request an application.


We promote all citizens having equal access to holistic vision, natural medicine, effective interventions, and nutrition education worldwide. Learn more about our organization, or become an affiliate or client here on this site.

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